Staycation Days 3 and 4

Still in our mega heatwave here, however, I have been out and about a bit.  I went to a farmer’s market, we were down at our community garden, we went out for breakfast on Sunday, and I ran an errand by Chinatown today.  Here are shots from the last few days….

Staycation Day 2

Dennis and I went to the Caribbean Festival in North Vancouver this morning.  So colourful, so much energy, so much fun.  Come with us….

Staycation Day 1

Posting may be a little sporadic over the next week, I’m taking a few days off from work and will be out and about and over on the Island with my Mom part of the time.  I’ll be shooting photos, and will share with no given schedule as I can.  Yesterday was day one, and…

Heatwave Time

It is REALLY hot, to hot to go for good walks and photo safaris.  However, I do have a few photos from the last couple of days!  Now off to melt…..

Summer Nights and Days

Happy Weekend everyone.  Today’s pictures are from cocktails with my friend Angela, and a walk to watch the sunset on the North Side of False Creek last night. Today, I had the day off work.  I had to run a bunch of errands, but took a couple of hours to do some walkabouts in Richmond. …

Bird Pond, Olympic Village, our deck, and more…

Tonight, I’m quickly sharing photos from the last couple of days.  As the title states, they are from our deck, the bird pond, Olympic Village and more…. “who are you?” “I’m a gnome too!” (very silly) “One Day….I WILL get them!” (keep dreaming Neva) And now…the rest….    

Our weekend

Our weekend was nice, we saw a sunset, went to a big farm market and got great veggies and fruit, and visited their animals…we have ALWAYS said we’d go to Bass Pro Shop to check it all out, and we did.  We also went to a beach via a very steep and long stairway along…

The Last Couple of Days

It has yet again been a busy week.  Good, but busy, so photos have had to take a bit of a back seat.  However, here are a few…. A random heart on my plate…. My new little neighbor….9 week old Mika!  OH!!!! Puppy head tilts are the best! Neva pondering the meaning of life…. My…

Sunday Summary

My mom and I had a lovely day yesterday, we visited a lavender farm, which is also home to goats, dogs, exotic birds and oh, more goats!  We also visited a little farm bistro, and took the pretty farmland way home.  Other shots were taken on the ferry last night.  Enjoy.  And I don’t think…

Again, fur, feathers, whiskers and more

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Just a few, mainly wildlife shots today.  As you can see from some, the baby deer have arrived.  CUTE!!!  Enjoy all the photos….and all together now “AWWWW”.  (and awww for the baby seagulls too!)

Snails and feathers on Friday

Its been a heck of a week, but between work hoopla, various appointments and errands, I captures some snail action on our deck, some bird action in Olympic Village, and have thrown in a couple of other shots for good measure.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!!