Weekend catch up, and smokey days

As promised, here are the photos from my weekend with Mom.  As you can see, we were out and about quite a bit.  There are also some photos from home, and I’m pretty darn proud of my cucumber harvest.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone….I’m off to cut some cucumber….

Baby Bird Kinda Weekend….

I was over at my Mom’s this weekend.  I’ll share more pictures tomorrow, but today, I’ll share photos of why it was a baby bird kinda weekend….

Winding Up the last few days….the heatwave edition

It is still sweltering hot….ug!  We’ve been watering our little community garden plot as often as possible, Dennis and I had picnics at the beach so we didn’t have to cook, the flowers are blooming, and I walked via Granville Island and Yaletown.  Enjoy the pictures, and have a good weekend!!!

Winding Down and Gearing Up

My staycation week is winding down, however, still have a little more time before reality hits again.  Today, we watched birds on our deck this morning, then went to the Powell St. Festival which celebrates Japanese culture.  Enjoy the Sunday photos, and have a wonderful week…

Staycation Days 7 and 8

Most of today’s photos are from my day with my Mom over in Victoria.  As you can see, the sunset from the ferry was stunning.  Long weekend time for us, have a good weekend wherever you are!

Staycation Days 5 and 6

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  I’m over on the Island for a couple of days….before that though, I went to Maplewood Flats in North Vancouver, the bird pond, the ferry crossing was lovely this morning, and the deer and sheep are adorable.  Enjoy….