Only two shots today

We’ve had a bit of a strange and discombobulated week.  Photos have taken a back seat to life, however, I do want to share this amazing spider that was on our window this morning…. ..and this shot of Neva, looking forlorn after a trip to the vet.  She’s fine physically, but she is still a…

Over with Mom

Just a quick check in, and sharing just a few photos from today.  The baby birds at the ferry are growing, the goats at the lavender farm are still lovely, as are the dogs there, also saw some peacocks, other goats, deer, gulls and a bridal party.  Hello to my new friends, your email with…

Finally caught up

Today’s photos feature shots from an event we had with some friends.  Featuring adorable dogs Carlos and Pylon, adorable Charlie and funny Grandpa Pete (one of Dennis’ oldest friends). Neva, during a fresh from the garden, nip-fueled photo shoot! More shots from Monday’s Pickle Palooza with my friend Doris….and featuring one of my favorite dogs…

Friday and Saturday Recap

On Friday, I was out at farms and the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta, about half an hour south of the city.  Dennis and I also had a lovely sunset picnic.  I found some WILD potatoes at the Farmer’s Market too.  Enjoy the photos, and more will follow soon.

Weekend catch up, and smokey days

As promised, here are the photos from my weekend with Mom.  As you can see, we were out and about quite a bit.  There are also some photos from home, and I’m pretty darn proud of my cucumber harvest.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone….I’m off to cut some cucumber….

Baby Bird Kinda Weekend….

I was over at my Mom’s this weekend.  I’ll share more pictures tomorrow, but today, I’ll share photos of why it was a baby bird kinda weekend….

Winding Up the last few days….the heatwave edition

It is still sweltering hot….ug!  We’ve been watering our little community garden plot as often as possible, Dennis and I had picnics at the beach so we didn’t have to cook, the flowers are blooming, and I walked via Granville Island and Yaletown.  Enjoy the pictures, and have a good weekend!!!

Winding Down and Gearing Up

My staycation week is winding down, however, still have a little more time before reality hits again.  Today, we watched birds on our deck this morning, then went to the Powell St. Festival which celebrates Japanese culture.  Enjoy the Sunday photos, and have a wonderful week…