Weekend with Mom

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Just quickly sharing a few photos from the day.  Have a good rest of the weekend everyone.   I’ll be back next week….    

Busy Couple of Days

I’ve had a busy couple of days (hence the title).  I have done two volunteer photography gigs, but can’t share some of those shots until I share them with the non profit I’m helping out.  As a result, I have very few “normal” shots to share.  However, here is Neva because she’s cute…. Here is…

Early Autumn walk in the sun

I LOVE sunny autumn days, and the last couple of days have been just that.  Sunny, crisp and perfect days for walking.  The flowers are withering, the leaves are starting to turn, and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Two New Fishy Friends

Sadly, we had a sad and tragic loss in our workplace aquarium over the weekend.  Poor Sasha (short for Sashimi) took a big leap of faith, and ended up all dried up behind my bookshelf.  R.I.P Sasha.  I didn’t want the remaining fish to get lonely because he’s a schooling fish, so we went and…

UBC Farm

Yesterday, after watching TONS of hummingbirds at our feeder, Dennis and I went up to the University of BC for their farm market and open house.  What a lovely surprise for us, we didn’t realize there was such a vibrant farm, used for growing food, research, studies and first nations collaboration.  Enjoy the photos, and…

Last of our getaway photos

This group of photos was taken on our last day in the Qualicum area on Vancouver Island.  Our highlight was visiting a wonderful dairy farm and winery.  What’s not to love there????  Enjoy the photos, regular posts will return soon.  Have a good weekend everyone!

Wildlife Recovery Centre

Dennis and I were lucky enough to have a spontaneous visit to a wildlife recovery centre on Vancouver Island.  These folks to wonderful work rehabilitating injured wildlife and when possible, releasing them back to nature.  Those who’s injuries make them unreleasable, are cared for at the sanctuary and live a good life.   The centre also…

Photos from Monday

It’ll take me a couple of days to post pictures from our weekend.  Today, photos are from our rainy drive from Victoria to Qualicum Bay, views from our little motel, and the famous Coombs Country Market with the goats on the roof.  (more to follow tomorrow…)  Enjoy!  

Anniversary Post

Dennis and I are still away for a few days celebrating our 13th anniversary (which is today).  Many more photos of some amazing surprises will follow, but for now….here are a few from today.

Day One of Four

As you’ll see in the first picture, much to Neva’s surprise, Dennis and I have taken just a few days for a long weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary on Monday.  Day one took us to Victoria, we went to the BC Museum to see the Egyptian exhibit that is here for a while, and…

A Quick Walk after work

Yesterday, I went for a quick walk to Granville Island after work.  Hadn’t done that for a while, and it was nice.  There is also a picture of Neva for fun.  (we should have some interesting photos over the next few days, Dennis and I are going away for the weekend….stay tuned, and have a…

Shots from Sunday….

….and a bonus shot of Neva.  SOOOO glad to have the computer functioning again.  It took me hours last night, multiple google searches, a zillion “tries”, but eventually, I found a solution and I’m up and running.  Today’s post recaps my Mom and my drive around farm country in Victoria on Sunday.  We got hopelessly…