The Adventures of Red….

…Skeleton.  Welcome to the very tongue in cheek and silly adventures of our Halloween friend Red.  Red Skeleton.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Photos from Sunday with my Mom

I was over in Victoria with my Mom yesterday.  We had a bit of a photo safari….and these are the photos from yesterday.  Enjoy.

Just a few from my Saturday

Hi from my Mom’s home in Victoria.  The day started out with a  bright sunrise and sunshine, then came the fog, then came the rain.  As a result, and also because my  mom and I were out and about running errands, I don’t have a ton of photos to share.  However, here are a few….happy…

No Staggering Photos today….

…but this is my Halloween bowl for candy at my workplace… ….another failed attempt to get Neva to wear her witch hat…. …however, Neva was very open to looking at her own reflection in a new mirror….. One of my frogs, just hanging out…. …and trying to get my attention…. And one of two tiny…

The last couple of days

We were lucky to be able to go to the Capilano Fish Hatchery in North Vancouver on the weekend.  The salmon are spawning, and they are visible in the river, and are also using the ladders that the fishery has made for them.  AMAZING!!!  There are also shots of the city, birds, and a sunny…

Just a quickie

I have some REALLY fun photos from yesterday to share.  But they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  Tonight, there are a just a few photos from the last couple of days.  More soon….

The Adventures of “Red Skeleton”

We have a funny Halloween photo prop.  We’ve named him “Red Skeleton”.  Red and I went to Krause Berry Farm with my friend Lindi, then we voted in our municipal election, and Dennis and I went for a lovely walk with him in Trout Lake Park.  As you can see, the autumn colours are beautiful. …

Autumn mushrooms, leaves, shadows and scenes from a dinner

Today, I’m recapping the last couple of days.  I went for a long autumn walk and saw TONS of mushrooms.  I think they’re gorgeous and fascinating.  The air was fresh, the leaves were pretty and the sun felt great.  After that, we went to a fundraising banquet with our 93 year old cousin Helen.  She…

Pumpkin-palooza, farm animals and more…

Yesterday I had the day off work and I went on a photo safari to Westham Island in Delta, about half an hour south of the city.  I made up the word “pumpkinpalooza”, but there were TONS of them, as well as squashes, gourds, farm animals, birds, fall colours and excellent light for photos.  Enjoy!

Crazy Train….

…and Halloween in full swing!  These photos were all taken yesterday in Victoria.  My mom and I rode the “Crazy Train”….so fun!  And we checked out some deer, tons of pumpkins, an archive park and lots of Halloween displays.  Come with us…it’s fun!

Beautiful Autumn Day with my Mom

You’ll see what a lovely fall day it is here.  Some of today’s photos are from sunrise on the way to the ferry, some are at the ferry terminal, the rest are over in Victoria with my mom.  For the record, Halloween shopping is the BEST!  Happy Weekend everyone!!!  

The Last Few Days

Playing catch up tonight….photos today are from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, Granville Island and Olympic Village.  Autumn is beautiful around here this week.  I’ll be back on Saturday, have a good Friday everyone.