Public Art, Murals, things in windows and a VERY cute kitten

Yesterday, the sun was shining for a while, and I took the opportunity to go for a lunchtime walk. (it had been WAY too long)  As the title says, I saw art, murals, things in windows and a ridiculously cute 15 week old kitten named “Mrs. Kitty”.  Come for the walk with me….and enjoy!

I Joined A New Photo Group

I just haven’t been in many places for lovely photos in the last couple of weeks, however, despite my lack of new work that I’m proud of, I joined a new photo group.  It is called “Shitty Bird Photos”.  LOL!  The people who post there are HILARIOUS and everything is meant to be nothing more…

Things That Fly…..and a few that don’t

Just checking in from our neck of the woods.  Again, life was in the way of photo safaris, however, here are more bird pics, planes, an alien “splotch” in a parking lot, and of course, Neva.  Enjoy!

Again….just a few photos

Real life has definitely pushed my photography to the back burner this week.   I’m hoping that changes over the weekend, but for now…. This was an AMAZING and soothing soup/lentil stew I had at a funky little vegetarian restaurant for lunch yesterday.  It hit the spot… On the way there, we saw this face on…

Slices of Life, and more feathers

Just a few quick photos to share today.  More birds in the tree outside of our deck, and some little slices of life that I saw as I was out and about during the last couple of days.  Enjoy!    

Warning….bird centric post

Once a year, usually in November, the tree that is just off our deck is inundated with birds, who devour the little red berries that are obviously ripe.  The activity usually only last a day or so, and though it was pouring with rain, yesterday was that day.  I’ve taken just a few other shots,…

Rainy Season is Here

When I was walking home from work yesterday, I saw SOOOO many mushrooms. They are gorgeous and fascinating, and make a walk in the pouring rain worthwhile.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Day of the Dead

Last night, we joined some friends to go to a Day of the Dead celebration.  It was colourful, the rain ALMOST held off, and it was a little emotional as we’ve lost quite a few friends and relatives ourselves over the last few months.  Here are photos of our evening….enjoy!