I Joined A New Photo Group

I just haven’t been in many places for lovely photos in the last couple of weeks, however, despite my lack of new work that I’m proud of, I joined a new photo group.  It is called “Shitty Bird Photos”.  LOL!  The people who post there are HILARIOUS and everything is meant to be nothing more than fun.  Here are two of my upcoming contributions.  LOL!!!

Perfectly sh*tty!!!!!!!

In other news.  Neva is still adorable…

The sunrise yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hummingbirds are also adorable….

The robins are still in the tree outside (and driving Neva crazy)

Also visiting and driving Neva crazy…..

And finally, why did the mushroom get invited to the party?  Because he’s a FUN-GI!!!  Sorry.  LOL!

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