Christmas Holidays Catch Up….part 1

I’m back from the Christmas trip to visit my mom, and life is starting to settle just a little.  I’m going to post various holiday shots over the next few days.  Today, I’m sharing a dinner at our friends, and my walk around Chinatown.  More to follow….

From our world….

…to yours!  Merry Christmas!   I have a backlog of photos from celebrations and decorations to scenery and of course…Neva.  And I’ll share over the next few days.  But until then, Merry Christmas!

That is the way the wind blows

Its late, and I’ll be catching up later this week, but just gonna leave this photo here….it was taken during a big wind storm in Victoria yesterday.  The waves were AMAZING!!!!! …this was a peacock that my Mom and I saw…. And this is my elf….with a date.  (silly)  More soon….

A few quick shots

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Today, I’m posting a few shots from yesterday.  We have a very sophisticated mouse tree topper (HA!), our cat is delightful, we went to friends last night and their decorations are AMAZING, and there are a few shots from today too.  Enjoy!  

‘Tis The Season

Just a few Christmas photos from the last couple of days.  We’ve split our tree in half, the top have has lights and pretty ornaments (including my newest fluffy birds), the bottom half has no lights, and all ornaments are unbreakable and “whackable”.  Have at ‘er Neva!  LOL…. And Elf…you are everywhere!

My Elf and I are silly….

I had a little time to myself early this morning, so I had some coffee, and set up some elfin’ shenanigans.  LOL!  Warning…VERY VERY VERY silly photos ahead!  Happy Weekend Everyone!  

As long as the sun in shining….

…the cold isn’t a bother at all.  And WOW….the patterns in the frosty leaves this morning was GORGEOUS!!!!!  Bundle up!!!  And enjoy.  

Sunday with my Mom….

…and with my elf.  (silly!)  Enjoy the sunny and cold day photos!  (and the one of Neva at the end.  She was looking particularly regal this morning)

Road Trip with my Elf

Warning:  Silliness ahead! My Christmas Elf and I are over at my Mom’s house.  That elf is mischievous….he crashed a wedding photo shoot, showed up in a fountain and well, the last picture just speaks for itself.  (HA!)   Enjoy the photos from the day, and have a great weekend everyone!!!

Take a Breath….

Hopefully next week, life will get back to a normal routine and regular posts will resume.  In the meantime….the infamous “Elf” is back for December.  Doesn’t Neva look excited?? A few random hearts…. Birds in the sky… Birds on a reflective pond…. And a Vancouver shot with the illuminated ferris wheel that is here for…