…has been really, really consuming in the last couple of weeks.  Not only am I starting a new job (and feeling somewhat overwhelmed by things), we’ve had all kinds of social engagements, appointments….  No complaints, but photos have taken a bit of a back seat.  I have taken a few shots though….hopefully I’m out shooting lots of pictures again soon.  In the meantime…

Here is Neva in a boot box….

…she looks unimpressed.

Views from a colleague’s office.  The sun was JUST hitting the buildings as the clouds cleared….

Puzzle pieces on a table in our lunchroom….

Two llamas in a store window, close to my hairdresser’s salon….

Nothing says “how cute for a baby’s room” like giant gold lips….

I walked by a macrame workshop in progress.  It looked fun….

Seen in a window of an antique shot….

Seen in various other store windows…..

This was in a clearance bin outside of a used bookshop.  It was half of the marked price, so $1.75….and it is hilarious.  Yes, I bought it….

My vegan cauliflower pita with chickpea “fries” and my mint lemonade slushy from dinner last night…..SO good!

AMAZING clouds tonight….

And from dinner tonight, a random heart shaped chili cauliflower bite. (these are addictive)

I hope I’m able to take/share photos over the weekend!  In the meantime, enjoy the days….more soon!

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