Sunny Saturday

Dennis and I took a little drive to Burnaby today.   It was a lovely day for a drive.  Come with us…  And also enjoy a few shots from home, and yes, Neva is hilarious.  

Scenes from Sunday

Today’s post features photos taken when I was over in Victoria with my Mom on Sunday.   Enjoy my catch up shots!

Fur and Feathers

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Not many photos to share, but many involve fur or feathers.  Have a good rest of the weekend everyone.

A couple of quickies

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today, Neva is in fine form, the spring blooms are out, I passed a lovely tribute to victims of the New Zealand shooting at a Mosque, the moon last night was HUGE, the potatoes I roasted tonight were odd (but very tasty), my Dad’s succulent is thriving after winter, and the clouds…

Hey Little….

…bush tits at the hummingbird feeder on our deck?  Whatcha doing there? “Oh, just hanging out….” GROAN!!!!   Just checking in, not hanging out myself.  More in a day or so!  

Quick Drive up the Sea to Sky

Today was a gorgeous day!  So Dennis and I decided to take a quick drive up the Sea to Sky Highway to Squamish.  Put on your seatbelt, and come with us!!!  (and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Neva!)  

Quick shots for Saturday

Again, a million thanks for sticking around while work puts photo fun on the back burner.  I did take a few shots today, but regular posts should start again soon.  As you can see, spring is starting to “sprung”.  🙂

Just touching base

I’m so sorry my posts have been so sporadic.  I’m going to just post  few shots from the last few days and touch base.  Better posts and more regular posts should return soon, I promise.  In the meantime, thanks so much for being patient and kind!  I appreciate it more than you know!!

Cold but sunny Saturday

Hi All.  I’m over at my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Dennis is home holding down the fort, and my mom and I were out and about for the day.  Today’s post has photos from the ferry crossing, various “around Victoria” shots, a dog crashing a photo shoot (OOPS!), and an amazing sunset.  Enjoy, and have…

What happens in 5 gallons

What an odd title….I know.  Crazy work day, but I took a sec to take a few photos of my aquarium residents.  Meet Steven Fry.  He was given to me as a tiny fry, born to a fish owned by a former colleague.  He and his friend Soleil Moon Fry seem happy and healthy.  Until…

Visitors through the window

Today’s photos aren’t really “quality”…but have to share.  We had some “interlopers” at the hummingbird feeder on our deck.  And the little hummingbirds sat on our planters to wait their turn.  So cute!!!  Hope your week is going well everyone!