What happens in 5 gallons

What an odd title….I know.  Crazy work day, but I took a sec to take a few photos of my aquarium residents.  Meet Steven Fry.  He was given to me as a tiny fry, born to a fish owned by a former colleague.  He and his friend Soleil Moon Fry seem happy and healthy.  Until earlier in the week….Steven seemed a bit lethargic, then a bit round, then ravenous, then isolated…and it sure seems to us that Steven is actually Stephanie, Soleil Moon is actually Saul, and they’ll soon be the proud parents of 20-30 new fry.  The tank is WAY too tiny for a nursery, so I’m not really sure how all this will play out….. (such an artsy fartsy reflection shot though…)

And, we have two new babies.  They are currently unnamed, are little baby African Dwarf Frogs…and they’re a hit with the new work crowd.  Hope they don’t multiply too.  Have a good weekend everyone…will be checking in from my Mom’s house tomorrow.

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