Sunday Scenes

Today’s photo deck is made up of photos I took on Sunday when I was over in Victoria with my Mom.  Enjoy!

Three Shots….

…more will follow tomorrow. Neva showing her BEST Monday face… Tilt head left….do you see the random heart? And everyone get ready to AWWWW! Lots more to follow tomorrow….

Just a few from today

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  It was a REALLY rainy and cold day, so I barely took any photos at all…. However, this was last night’s sunset…. Neva before I left this morning….AWWW…. Storm clouds on the way to the ferry…. And the incoming sailing before mine…. Peeling bark on an arbutus tree…….

Colours of the neighborhood

Sharing just a few photos from the week…..gorgeous colours of blooms… Young black crow, in the rain…. Yellow and brown ducklings and goslings….. Green dinos eating a rogue lettuce that was in our little community garden plot.  We cleared out the debris from last year and planted our vegetables this week.  FUN!! Heron with grey…

Just for fun!

I have a boatload of photos backed up and waiting to edit/share.  However, it is late, and I’m only sharing some VERY silly photos that I took on a very rainy holiday Monday.   Rain brought out snails, and I brought out Dino toys!   Enjoy and laugh!    

Finally Caught Up

This is the last of the photo series that have been delayed.  These shots are from Saturday, when Dennis and I went out to Delta, BC.  Gorgeous Day!  And the first time I’d seen two little eaglets in a nest above the road.  Fun!

Finally….the last week’s photos

I’m finally getting caught up.  Enjoy a few days worth of photos….and yes, I AM obsessed with goslings!  Have a good weekend everyone!

Slowly catching up

Today, I’m sharing photos from a recent walk around Lost Lagoon.  Who knew?  We have moles here in Vancouver! (bad picture…and I had to check it out on google….definitely a mole though.  OH)  Also, I’m sharing pics of some assistance puppies in training, that were in my workplace.  AWW!    And the sizzling meal?  Tandoori…

Backlog of Photos

I have soooo many photos from the last few days.  I’ve just had challenges getting time to get them here.  Just a teaser, here are a few photos…many more to come!

If you don’t like goslings….

…just keep on scrolling.  And if you do like goslings, we’re kindred spirits, and I think you’ll enjoy today’s post.  It was a joy for me to take these photos!  Happy rest of the weekend everyone!  And Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there!!!  Here on earth, and watching from up above.  Love to…