Bird Ponds, and lots of birds….

Today’s photos are from the bird pond close to our community garden, updates on the baby birds at our neighboring garden plot (AWW!), blooms, a collegue’s dog and some ducklings that have moved in to a water feature by the city hospital.  Enjoy!

My week last week – Part 3

I’ll will have caught up after today’s post.  This is the last deck of photos on my camera.  They’re all very self explanitory, so no descriptions needed.  Just enjoy. Have a great weekend everyone!!

My Week Last Week – Part 2

Last week, Dennis and I (with our friend Clint) participated in a Community Dinner at the UBC Farm.  We rolled up our sleeves, made a healthy dinner with produce from the farm with people we’d just met, then sat and ate the meal together.  Fun!  Here are some photos of the dinner, the farm, and…

My week last week (part 1)

For the next couple of days, I’ll be playing a bit of catch up with my posts.  Today, I have shots from our “Dog Day of Summer” baseball game that we went to one night last week.  We love all the dogs, the mascots, the “running of the sushi – LOL”, the dancing maintenance folks,…

Happy Birthday Dennis

Today is my husband’s birthday, so regular posts will return during the week.  I’m off for more cake….

Shots from a Saturday

Hi from my Mom’s house.  We’re over here celebrating Dennis’ upcoming birthday.  Here are a few shots from the day.


I went down to our little community garden plot to water tonight….and was moving a big lavender plant in the next plot to ours to direct water to our beans below. HOLY CRAP….so glad I was gentle, look what is in the lavender. I was so glad I had my powerful lens on my camera,…

City Captures

I was walking downtown the other day, and saw a bunch of fantastic public art.  I also saw some interesting signs and stickers.  Walk with me, and enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing all Dads here on earth, and up above…..Happy Father’s Day!  Special love to my own Dad Martin, who is very missed, very loved and with us in our hearts every day!

Up above the city

The other night, we went to a revolving restaurant atop of the city, to celebrate the 94th birthday of my cousin Helen.  Happy Birthday Helen!!!! Hope you enjoy the view with us.  And happy weekend everyone!

On our deck tonight

….we saw a hummingbird switching between our feeder, and the plants in our container.  LOVE this!!!