Finding the Silver Lining…

Yesterday, my camera bag and all the contents were stolen.  In the blink of an eye, the bag I carry all the time was gone.  My wallet, id, bank cards, my prescription reading glasses, my phone, my camera and all the equipment I carry all need to be replaced.  I’m trying to flip it around though, and instead of dwelling on this, I’m grateful that nobody was hurt, my friend that I was with and myself are fine, healthy and this is truly more of an inconvenience than a tragedy.  But still…hasn’t been a fun day.  I have a bunch of photos from a walk last weekend that I’ll share over the next few days, and hopefully I’ll be up and running again by the weekend.  In the meantime….here is a flock of teen ducks for you to enjoy.

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  1. Christine Lemieux says:

    So sorry to hear this, how awful. I’m glad you’re alright.


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