Five from Sunday

I have some fun shots that I took when Dennis and I went for a little Sunday Drive….but I haven’t had a chance to edit.  So…for now, here is a very very long train (don’t see those too often!) An angry, and hungry hawk…. Neva looking adorable…. And a random heart seen at our little…

Let’s Dance

Last week, I took photos of a dance team for a friend.  Not only did I watch her performance, I stuck around for the other two troupes performing at the Kitsilano Showboat that night.  I realized a few things….that dancers are athletes, that sunset makes good light for photos, and OMG, I’m out of shape! …

The rest of the last week

I’m ALMOST caught up with photos from the last week.  Phew!  So to start the weekend, I’m sharing the rest of last week’s shots today, and am set to move on to the weekend.  Happy last weekend of July everyone!

The Gardens At HCP

Last weekend, when I was over with my Mom, I stopped by the Gardens at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific.  I’d wanted to stop by for a long time, and it was lovely and worth the visit for sure.  Enjoy the shots that I took, and if you are in Victoria, BC… is worth…

Still some babies around

Today’s photos are from a recent walk to Granville Island.  The goslings and ducklings are few and far between now, but there ARE just a few out and about.  Come for the walk with me, and enjoy!

A visitor in the Community Garden

Say hello to my little friend….. This is the first marmot I’ve ever seen!   And he clearly likes the leaves of my bean plants.  However, he’s adorable, so he’s forgiven!  

Sunny Saturday Shots

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Today’s photos are all taken today.  We had duelling hummingbirds at the feeder this morning, and Neva decided she didn’t want me to leave.  There were seal babies and seagull babies at the ferry terminal, my frog and I took my Mom’s car through a car wash (HA!)…

Place Your Bets….

Last weekend, Dennis and I went to the local racetrack here in Vancouver.  We didn’t place any bets, we just went to watch the Weiner Dog Races (HA! So fun!  And my favourite little “Daisy” got so excited she didn’t actually finish!  But she was so happy!) and watched the horses run for a while…

Go Dog Go!!!

Yesterday, we went and saw the silliest, cutest little races ever!  It was “Dog Day at Hastings Race Track”.  Yesterday, it was the “weinerdog run”.   (the dogs just had fun between horse races.  Fun!)  Also in this grouping, a couple of birds at our deck feeder, and a lovely park with public art.  Enjoy!  

Just a few from this weekend

I took a TON of photos today, but before I sift through them, cull and share, I’ll just leave a few shots from the last couple of days here for you to enjoy.  Have a great week everyone!

Richmond, BC day (part 2)

Catching up on photos from my day in Richmond this week.  This deck has shots from a STUNNING and peaceful Buddhist Temple, and a farm market.  I’m not sure what I like more there, the local and affordable produce, or the fact that farm animals walk around freely.  And at the end of the post? …

Richmond, B.C day (part 1)

I had Tuesday off of work, and used the day to run some errands in Richmond, which is about half an hour outside of Vancouver.  Here is part one of the photos I shot throughout the day.