Fur and Feathers and toys….

…oh my!  (groan!)  Last week Dennis and I had a picnic after work at the beach because it was such a lovely night.  We also had fun watching dogs in a dog park.  Summer is winding down, but we still got out and about and enjoyed.  Hopefully you enjoy YOUR weekend!

A few more quickies….

…from the last few days.  Neva having very deep thoughts… Geese landing at sunset….. A very overgrown and oddly shaped radish from our community garden plot…. Stretch…… Deceased starfish that looks like he’s running….sort of…. Look up….. AWWWW…… Spider in a web that caught my eye…. And flying a kite at sunset….    

The pics are coming soon….

…I promise!  In the last couple of weeks, life has taken priority over photo editing and sharing.  However, life should be calming down…so lots will come soon.  In the meantime, here are just a few…..  

Just a few….

…more to follow VERY soon.  This is a teaser of shots to come…

Fur, Croaker and City Scenes

Today’s post begins with my bendy frog, and the frogs in my aquarium….. …and Neva with my royal thrift store finds…LOL…. …and now some photos of public art/murals in a neighborhood not too far from home.  I love the energy and life they add to the neighborhood.  Yay Vancouver for celebrating mural artists and providing…

And Now, For Something Completely Different….

…thanks Monty Python!!!  A few days ago, I went for a hike up in Lynn Valley.  Turns out the light was absolute garbage for photos, so instead of trying to spruce them up one by one, I turned them all black and white.  Not sure if I love them all….but some, yes.  Hope you like…

Weekend Walks

I’m trying to get in lots of sunny weather walks, now that the summer is winding down.  Today’s photos are from walks around Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park, and Jericho Beach.  Few words needed….and I hope you enjoy the shots.

Low Tide, High Sun….

…beautiful walk.  I went to Jericho Beach one afternoon last week.  As the title says, the tide was WAY out, the sun was bright, and the photos were plentiful.  (there are also a few photos of some sunset pictures I took in a graveyard because the light was so interesting, a few taken at the…

Last Weekend….

I’ve gathered up the plethora of photos I took last weekend, and have narrowed it down to these.  I hope you don’t get bored with the seals…. LOL!  Enjoy!! (Warning: there are lots of photos…scroll as slowly or as quickly as you like!)

Odds and Ends

I’m still sifting through the bajillion photos I took last weekend.  Before I get then organized, I’m just sharing these little odds and ends from the camera…. Neva and her fabulous foot floof…. A random heart in a leaf….. Carbonated water bubbles on a lime…. A snail that I walked by on the way to…

What a Wild Day

Wild, in a sense of WOW….so much wildlife.  At ferry terminals, and around my Mom’s place in Victoria.  WAY more to follow, but here is just a little taste of things I saw yesterday.  Enjoy!

Good for the soul

Last night, I took a lovely walk around one of my happy places, Lost Lagoon in Stanley park.  Before that though, my plastic frog imitated a frog in my workplace aquarium… …so silly.  Here are pics from the park.  Enjoy!