Fall Colours and Fly By

Here are some photos that I took at the end of last week.  Fall colours, a walk to Granville Island, and a fly by of the RAF Red Arrows (taken from one of the windows in my office).  Lucky me for seeing ALL this beauty in our backyard.  Enjoy, and happy week to you all!

Last Weekend….

….in photos, and I hope you have a good last weekend of September.

Autumn Colours In Full Force

I love the colours of autumn.  And they’re starting to show already.  Enjoy these fall photos. (an also critter photos and arty photos)

Happy Autumn!

The leaves aren’t turning quite yet here, but I do have just a few shots to share….. Spider webs are EVERYWHERE!  (can you see the random heart in there?) Funky exposed roots…. Bendy frog with chestnut hair….  (silly!) Something was watching me…. Random heart on a hairy cactus… And the two little African dwarf frogs…

Finally caught up….

…and ready for a couple of photo safaris this weekend.   Have a good weekend everyone!!!!  More when I can over the next couple of days…

Beach Art, and Beach Activity

Last week, my Mom and I took a drive to Esqimalt Lagoon, just outside of Victoria.  There was so much to see, and we made some new friends too.  Come with us..our friends are your friends!!

Sealed with a kiss…

What a silly title!  However, I AM sharing lots of photos of seals that I was lucky to see last week…. ..here are some shots that I took when I walked by the Vancouver Fringe Festival…. …some late summer blooms… …I took a walk in a park on the way home from work….. I also…

A few more from the weekend….

Busy day at work today, so just sharing a few quickies from last weekend. More of my favorite seals at the ferry terminal…. The inside of a rose that was sent to a colleague of mine….. …tree shadows on a wall (with random heart…) And LUNCHTIME!

Two Pics for Monday

I have some fun photos to share from the weekend, but its late, so I’ll leave you tonight with this AMAZING piece of beach art that I saw on Saturday…. ….and this VERY silly embellishment on a very oddly shaped potato.  More tomorrow…..