Thanksgiving Weekend

Last weekend, we celebrated Thanksgiving with some good friends, and also took a drive out to Horseshoe Bay.  We have much to be thankful for.  

Walk in the Forest

Last week, I went for a forest hike with my friend Michelle.  Being out in nature really is good for the soul.  (also, there is a shot of a workman at sunrise, gorgeous Neva, a nice sign, Michelle’s kitty, and our little witch mascot)  Come with us….

Autumn Colours, I’m not crabby and Lensball practice

Today’s shots are from a recent walk in Queen Elizabeth Park and down to Jericho Beach.  I took my lensball with me.  It is a little tricky to get a perfect shot, and I haven’t got it quite figured out yet, but here are the practice shots.  Enjoy! (and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends)

Westham Island and a Day for the Birds

I had a few days off this week, and several of the days were sunny, crisp, and perfect for photos.  The shots today are from my drive/visit to Westham Island.  I went to the farm, and also to the migratory bird sanctuary located there.  Definitely a “happy place” for me.  Come along….

Crazy Times…

Last weekend, My mom, Dennis and I rode the Galey Farms Halloween CRAZY TRAIN.  So fun, you’re never too old for a mini train and silly scenery.  The photos from the train are here, as are photos from a mushroomy walk, our trip back, and some shots from around our neighborhood.  I’ve been off work…

About Last Night….

Throwing a few pics out of order, but wanted to share just a few photos that I was lucky enough to take last night.  A friend of mine was given some tickets to the Rock the Rink Tour.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE figure skating, and I especially love Ice Dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. …

A few from a week ago

Happy Monday to all.  Today, I’m posting some photos from last weekend.  I took a mini walk around Lost Lagoon, we did some mural viewing, found a lovely (and massive) community garden, and I bought fun misshapen carrots at one of the last local farmer’s market of the season. (Winter markets will start up at…

Climate March Photos

Last week, I was able to watch thousands upon thousands of people take to the streets in Vancouver to March for the Climate.  These photos were taken out of a window, but some are powerful, many are hopeful, and my heart was full.  My only wish was that I could be out there marching too. …

Catching Up….again

I have been pretty swamped work wise for the last few days, hence, another catch up post today.  Here is a deck of photos that I took over the last week or so.  Lots more to follow……and happy October to all.