Last of the Week….

Here are the last of the photos I took this week when I was able to step out and get some fresh air.  Happy Weekend everyone!

In the Neighborhood

I went for a walk during my lunch hour a few days ago.  Come with me….

I Found Dory!

…and a few other amazing fish and coral too.  Check out the creatures in an aquarium I saw this week.  WOW!

Catch Up…soon

Hi everyone.  I’m SO sorry I’ve been MIA.  Life got in the way of photos.  That said, here are just a FEW shots I’ve taken on my walks to and from work lately.  More soon!  I promise!

Nature at its finest

Last weekend, my Mom and I went to watch salmon spawning in Goldstream Park.  These pictures do NOT do justice to the sight!  The fish were AMAZING, determined, persistent and relentless while swimming upstream to where their lives started.  Instinct is awe inspiring.  We also stopped by Esquimalt Lagoon, which is always a lovely photo…

Rainy Day Last Weekend

Today’s post features pictures that I took when my Mom and I were doing a farm run on the Saanich Peninsula.  Even in the rain, it is beautiful.  And WOW….so many birds!  Enjoy!

City at Night

The other night, I walked over the Cambie St. Bridge to meet a friend downtown.  Here are a few shots I took along the way….

Just A Quick Glance….

…of my day.  I’m over in Victoria with my Mom today.  More shots will follow soon!  Happy Weekend everyone! Know what this gull’s name is???  Eileen! HA!  Happy weekend!

Port Moody Adventure

On Monday, Dennis and I took a little drive to go on  a little adventure in Port Moody. (about half an hour-ish east of our home)  Here are the photos that I took while we were there.  Enjoy!

Poppies, Fly overs, and fliers on the deck

Some school kids made poppies for Remembrance Day, and they were placed on the lawn of City Hall.  What a beautiful display.  Also on display, a formation of plane flying overhead (and over the Remembrance Day ceremonies downtown), and all kinds of action ON our deck too.  Neva LOVED the birds.  And so did we. …

Birds for the soul

Last week, I had a day off of work, and spent it in one of my happy places, the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  It was a chilly day, but very good for the soul.  Come along with me….

Aquatic Friends

I’ve been very busy at work and at life after work this week, so haven’t even been out taking pictures.  I miss it…and will rectify that this weekend.  In the meantime, here is one of my aquatic frogs and the fish that are in my aquarium at work.  More to follow…I promise.