This week….

…was very busy, and few photos were taken.  Sharing anyway, more on the weekend.

Seen In Passing….

…in a thrift store last week. Just WOW.  This poor woman has a giant wasp nest on her head…. One out of three children looks MILDLY happy…yikes…. Giddyup! Too bad this wasn’t Dennis’ size… And these two dreadfully awful but too funny ornaments came home with me to add to my “bad Christmas ornament collection”. …

Mishmash of Photos

I don’t think the word “mishmash” is used enough.  HA!  Kidding…  Today’s photo deck is just a bunch of photos from the last few days.  Enjoy!  

Flash Time

One of my colleagues looked out the window the other day, and noticed there was a film set right across the road.  On closer look, we figured out that they were filming The Flash.  I’ve never seen the show, but a number of my coworkers have, and watching him literally turn around over and over…

Can You See Me….

…in this picture?  LOL!  I’m there… I’m not in either of these photos of this morning’s sunrise though.  We were on the way to the ferry ’cause I’m over with my mom this weekend. Seen in my Mom’s front yard…. Seen on the Saanich Peninsula…. Seen in a puddle because it’s freakin’ chilly here… Seen…