Pumpkin-palooza, farm animals and more…

Yesterday I had the day off work and I went on a photo safari to Westham Island in Delta, about half an hour south of the city.  I made up the word “pumpkinpalooza”, but there were TONS of them, as well as squashes, gourds, farm animals, birds, fall colours and excellent light for photos.  Enjoy!

Crazy Train….

…and Halloween in full swing!  These photos were all taken yesterday in Victoria.  My mom and I rode the “Crazy Train”….so fun!  And we checked out some deer, tons of pumpkins, an archive park and lots of Halloween displays.  Come with us…it’s fun!

Beautiful Autumn Day with my Mom

You’ll see what a lovely fall day it is here.  Some of today’s photos are from sunrise on the way to the ferry, some are at the ferry terminal, the rest are over in Victoria with my mom.  For the record, Halloween shopping is the BEST!  Happy Weekend everyone!!!  

The Last Few Days

Playing catch up tonight….photos today are from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, Granville Island and Olympic Village.  Autumn is beautiful around here this week.  I’ll be back on Saturday, have a good Friday everyone.    

My colleagues….

…and I, as seen through the eyes and the pen of a 10 year old.  I think this is REALLY cute!  Regular posts to return soon.

Good Friends, Good Food, Good stretch pants

Dennis and I are very lucky to have a great group of friends who celebrate holidays together.  I’m inviting all of you to join us for our delicious thanksgiving dinner last Sunday!  And yes, stretch pants are my friend today….LOL!   Enjoy!    

Food, Drink, Friends and visits…

…Our thanksgiving weekend has been VERY full.  And we are VERY full too.  I’ve just got home from a day out, and will be sharing photos tomorrow.  In the meantime, I share a random dried cranberry heart in morning oatmeal, and Neva behind a fake sunflower.  More tomorrow I promise….

Cute Overload at Lost Lagoon

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in Vancouver.  We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at night, but in the morning, I took some time to return to one of my happy places….Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.  The baby raccoons are out and about, and are SOOOOO cute!  I took a LOT of raccoon pictures, but have…

Olympic Village Walk

It has been a lovely couple of days here.  I got out and went down to Olympic Village the other night.  (with my little mouse with a heart (a birthday gift) photo prop.  Enjoy!   More sunny shots to follow….

Throwback to World River’s Day

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to take photos at a local planting event in honour of World River’s Day.  I’ve shared many with the non profit organization that organized and hosted it, and I’m sharing some of the shots here too.  Mainly those shots with people’s faces hidden.  All participants signed photo releases,…

Just a few random shots

I have been out every night this week, for my birthday, for another friend’s birthday and for work.  Real life has forced photos to take a back seat.  However… Here is Neva having a deep thought of some sort. (HA!) A random heart…. I saw this train art while I was off site at work…

Today is….

…my birthday.  Instead of editing photos, I’m going to celebrate with the people I love.  I’ll be back with regular posts soon.