Saturday in January

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Today’s photos were taken on the ferry crossing, and when my Mom and I were out and about this afternoon.  It is very beautiful around here….but not gonna lie….its felt COLD out there.  Note to self: not ready to leave the winter coat at home just yet.  Have…

Animal focused post

Happy Friday.  Yesterday, we celebrated Neva’s 9th Adoptiversary!  She’s gone from mangy rescue cat, to supermodel with an Instagram following.  LOL!!! She got treats and toys….and a lovely pink bow that she was unimpressed with…. In other news, more fog rolled in….. This is one of my new colleague’s dog.  He’s very old, blind and…


Yesterday…..we had a hummingbird hanging on the perch beside the feeder…. ….I saw an alien face in this orchid….. ….I saw an “exclamation point” on a wall and a sad but necessary box in a park…. …and I took a quick lunchtime walk to Olympic Village.  The fog that blanketed the city was JUST rolling…

Three to share

Late getting home tonight, so today, just sharing….fog rolling in at lunchtime… …a smiley tree…. ….and two tone Neva in yesterday’s sunrise. More photos to follow tomorrow!

January felt like March

It was a REALLY beautiful day today, so I took the opportunity to get out and feel the sun, and take a few photos.  I went to Iona Beach, by the airport.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a little visit, and get some “vitamin sea”.  Come with me…and have a great rest of…

Final catch up from the last week

Tonight’s post is just the last shots were taken the last week.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend everyone!  Regular posts will return soon!

Still Catching Up From The Weekend

Hi everyone.  I’ve had a VERY busy week (starting a new job) so I haven’t been out with my camera much at all.  So I’m sharing a few more photos from last weekend.  Enjoy!  (Regular posts will return soon….I promise)

Two for Today

I have quite a few photos that I took while I was out with my Mom yesterday, but tonight, I’m just sharing two.  I hope they make you smile, and I hope you have a great week ahead!

A NON photogenic Saturday

Hi From my Mom’s place in Victoria.  Today was a VERY dark, grey,  day….so there weren’t too many good photo ops.  However, for what its worth, here they are.  Have a good weekend everyone!!

Chilly New Year’s Eve Walk Around Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park is one of my “happy places”.  I hadn’t been there for a while, and on New Year’s Eve, I took an hour to myself and walked around.  WARNING: Graphic otter pictures follow.  View at your own discretion.

Fly Like An Eagle…

…or a snow goose. Here are some photos from the last couple of days.  I went to the Southlands area in the city (which is an equestrian neighborhood) then we went out to see the eagles that have come back from the northern part of the province for the winter.  The photos don’t do the…

Christmas Catch Up…..part 3

This is the final Christmas Catch up.  Today’s post includes shots from our trip over to my Mom’s house in Victoria, Christmas Day, another Christmas party when we got back and hummingbirds on our deck.  And I’m wishing all of you a WONDERFUL 2019.  Thanks to all for following along on my photo journey.